On November 19, 2017, our comrade Bill Koehnlein lost his struggle with cancer. He approached this disease with the same indomitable courage and grace with which he showed his commitment to every struggle. Bill was an avid and constant supporter of the New York Marxist School, the Brecht Forum, and The Marxist Education Project. He was an organizer, activist, educator, and for many years administrator of TOPLAB. He was a truly wonderful raconteur, writer, lover of music, and disseminator of information to his many friends. He recently sent us at The MEP this note commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution: “Of course, Capital has retrenched and the great strides made by society over the last decades are threatened severely. But we can never for a moment doubt the resiliency of people and the movements they create, and the power to take charge of the conditions of everyday life to bring about a truly just and equitable society. That’s no small task, to be sure, but despite what seem like daunting disparities we do have the power to start the momentum, and keep it going, full speed ahead.” Bill, we will not forget, La luta continua!

"I believe that all the truly revolutionary theatrical groups should transfer to the people the means of production in the theater so that the people themselves may utilize them. The theater is a weapon, and it is the people who should wield it. —Augusto Boal


TOPLAB's Winter 2018 activities and workshops will begin in mid-December.
When we have the actual dates set we will post them to this site
and send the schedule to our announcement list.
Many thanks for being such loyal supporters for all these years.